The Fast Forward MBA Pocket Reference, Second Edition Мягкая обложка ISBN 0471222828 инфо 7994y.

The Fast Forward MBA Pocket Reference Second Edition – more comprehensive and convenient than ever! When the success of your business hangs in the balance, you need reliable, authoritative information immediбютрмately You need a resource that covers all the corporate bases–communications, management, economics, strategy, accounting, finance, marketing, and more You need The Fast Forward MBA Pocket Reference, Second Edition Packed with information designed to serve all your влжоцbusiness needs, this handy, highly readable book is the ultimate companion for those moments when you need to put your finger on the right advice at the right time–now This updated and revised Second Edition offers clear, concise coverage of the complete rangeof essential business topics in a handy format You’ll find all the latest cutting-edge ideas, including new developments in technology, strategy, and branding, as well as key terms, tools, and topics in short, lively entries tвсойлhat give you all the information you need The Portable MBA The Fast Forward MBA–– the compact business companion you’ll use every day! Keep up with the newest ideas in business Brush up on the basics you can’t do without Find direct, practical answers to complicated problems.

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