The Portable MBA Серия: The Portable MBA Series инфо 8015y.

This is a first-rate book by a first-rate group of scholars It provides a clear distillation of some very powerful new concepts and integrates (them) into a practical general management framework that will heбютрьlp managers meet the challenges of the twenty-first century WCarl Kester Industrial Bank of Japan Professor of Finance Harvard Business School "The Portable MBA" is an outstanding resource Every prospective MBA student should read it to jump-start theirвлжпк course work; every practicing manager, even those with MBAs, would also profit greatly from time spent with this excellent book Dennis ELogue, Dean and Fred EBrown Chair Michael FPrice College of Business, University of Oklahoma "The Portable MBA" will appeal to those who recognize that the tired old rules of business no longer apply in today's rapidly changing global environment This book offers students and business professionals an up-to-date approach that integratвсойяes all the key functional areas of the business enterprise John DFinnerty, PhD, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Professor of Finance, Fordham University "The Portable MBA" offers an interdisciplinary, succinct, and practical approach to tools, concepts, and emerging trends facing executives who compete in the global economy Barry DLeskin Chief Learning Officer, Chevron Corporation 4th edition Авторы (показать всех авторов) Роберт Ф Брунер Robert F Bruner Марк Р Икер Mark R Eaker Р Эдвард Фримен R Edward Freeman.